Who Do You Love?

Monday is the first day of my summer intensive session at Drew University. So, tomorrow morning at 7AM I’ll be flying out of Tulsa for Madison, New Jersey. Since it’s quite a drive to be in Tulsa that early, we came up early to spend the day with the kids and stay the night at a hotel by the airport. We left early, ate at IHOP in Muskogee, went by the “Build-a-Bear” Work$hop for the first time, ate a great lunch, and now we’re in our hotel room after a long swim in the pool. It’s been an awesome day with the people I love.

I just plugged into the free internet connection (cheers to Hilton, jeers to Doubletree Downtown where we stayed for Annual Conference) and checked my Google reader where I came across a really great post.

During college, I worked in a grocery store, where we would work for hours “facing” or “fronting” the store, pulling all the cans and boxes to the front. It was one of my favorite tasks, because It made the store look awesome. Then the people came to shop. Within minutes, the beautiful shelves were destroyed! We always said how great the grocery business would be without the customers

Brant Hansen, over at Letters from Kamp Krusty, has an incredible post on times when this same mindset infiltrates ministry. Take the time to read his entire post; it’s a powerful reminder of how we’re called to love people who are hard to love and not just those who are easy to love, like our families. See, this post really did have some cohesion!