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I Love the Church

In a lot of the conversations about church renewal and hope for turning around mainline denominations, I sense a longing for a church that people haven’t experienced. There is a vague dream of a better Church somewhere “out there,” and the subtle suggestion is that if we are just smart enough or creative enough, we … Continue reading

Changes & New Media

Fascinating video (h/t Michael Hyatt) Believe it or not, I’m sort of in the process of doing a Doctor of MInistry dissertation on discipleship and emerging communication strategies.  It’s almost impossible to keep up, with the current rate of change in our world.  Anyway, that’s part of why I haven’t been blogging much in the … Continue reading

Control or Commitment in the UMC

In my last post, I reflected on some of Jim Collins’ insights from his chapter in Leading Beyond the Walls: How High Performing Organizations Collaborate for Shared Success. Jim’s chapter is the best in the book, so it merits another post (don’t buy the book on this basis, by the way – just read his … Continue reading