Guatemala Mission

Tomorrow after lunch, I’m flying to Guatemala with a medical team from Church of the Servant.  No iPhone, no computer, no Twitter, or blogging until August 9th.  We do, however, have a journalist on our team who will be blogging his experience should he have a good enough internet connection in Chichicastenango where we will be staying most of the time.  Throughout the week we’ll be heading to rural sites to provide medical care from our home base in “Chichi.”

I’m looking forward to the trip and the opportunity we’ll have to share the love of Christ with these distant neighbors. I’m also looking forward to seeing all the ways God is at work in and among the Methodists of Guatemala.  Keep us in your prayers, and I’ll give a report when we return.

Back from Brownsville!

We got back from our week-long Mission to Brownsville last night about 10:30PM.  We had planned to be back around 7:00, but we were tied up in traffic south of Austin for about four hours!  Overall, it was a fantastic week working and serving at the Good Neighbor Settlement House in, as the director called it, the middle of the barrio. Good Neighbor has an excellent ministry to the homeless and poor of Brownsville.

Because of Hurricane Dolly, they received quite a few supplies from the Red Cross and the Food Bank during our time there.  Even though the damage in Brownsville was minimal compared to other areas, at least one person came in from Matamoros, Mexico to get clothes.  She told us how her family has been living in about three feet of water!

It was an amazing time of growth and fellowship together as a team.  As you probably already know, mission trips are a special opportunity for growing deeper as followers of Jesus, and this was no exception.  Right now, I just got home from preaching two services this morning, so I am going to wait until I’ve rested a bit before sharing any more stories.  Look for that in the days ahead.