Pro Sports in Oklahoma!

Growing up in Oklahoma, I rooted for a number of professional teams, but none of them were ever really “ours.”  I rooted on various occasions for the LA Lakers, Cincinatti Reds, New England Patriots, and Texas Rangers.  Most of the time I found myself rooting for players more than teams.  Heck, in high school I even wore a Penny Hardaway jersey when he played for the Orlando Magic.  My poor wife rooted for the San Francisco 49ers.  Alas, none of these professional teams belonged to us.

College sports are great.  I’m a died-in-the-wool Sooner fan and love to watch Sooner football and basketball.  But, I always dreamed of having a professional sports team.  I even tried to like hockey when they said that was all we could ever hope to get.

Well guess what, today is an exciting day in the life of an Oklahoma sports fan.  We’re getting an NBA franchise!!  Clay Bennett and pals are bringing the former Seattle Supersonics to Oklahoma!

I don’t care what we call them, and I don’t care how much we win at first.  From now on, I have a pro team to root for.  No fairweather fanship with me; this will be my pro team.  Go OKC “TBAs!!”