Know Your Strengths

I just picked Emma up from Warm World, and once again, we have exciting news.  She’s going to be in her first play!  The conversation went a little like this:

“We’re gonna have a play and I’m gonna to be in it.” “Cool,” I said,  “what are you going to be?” “I get to be the horse!!”  “That’s great, is that what you wanted to be?”  “Of course,” she said, “at first I wanted to be the black cat, but I didn’t know there was a horse.  So, after I knew there was a horse, I asked to be the horse, and my teacher said I could be the horse.”  “You’ll make a good horse…”  “Yep, ’cause I neigh good.”

It’s a great thing to know your strengths and work with them!

Settling In

Things are still going well after our move, even though it’s hard to get my mind wrapped around the fact that we’re not going to be traveling back to finish anything up in Quinton or Canadian.

Emma is still loving her new Kindergarten at Warm World, and Caleb is excited to have had me at home for a few days.  This morning he went with me to the bank and to get haircuts.  One thing I never missed about the city is paying fourteen bucks for a haircut!!  I think I’m going to buy clippers or a flowbee (to my surprise they still exist!) and do Caleb’s hair myself!

Nanci has been working hard to finish getting the house together, and we’re really pretty much moved in at this point.  We still need to do a few minor things, but it’s definitely coming together.  Before you think I’ve just been sitting in my chair drinking Diet Coke, I’ve been doing whatever has been asked of me!  I’m thinking about heading in and trying to get my office arranged a bit this afternoon, but I may just do it first thing in the morning.  We’ll see what happens.  Tonight is the big Hot Dog Happening at Warm World, so we’ll be going to that too.

OK, the girls are home with groceries and an office chair.  Caleb and I have been at home cleaning the garage and breaking down boxes.  I’ve got to run.