Preaching on Domestic Violence

Jeannie Babb Taylor issues a challenge to pastor’s to preach against domestic violence (hat tip to my good friend Robert Duran, a frequent commenter here on the blog). Reader beware: as you read this article, you’ll find yourself incredibly angry at some of the positions taken by high profile Christian leaders.

2 thoughts on “Preaching on Domestic Violence

  1. Thanks for the article – I think. I’m all covered in slime and dirt now. Gotta go shower.

  2. This might be an odd question considering you don’t even know me, but have you by any chance preached on domestic violence recently? I’m a UM seminarian at Duke and I’m doing some research on UM response to domestic violence. At this stage in the project, I’m trying to track down sermons/devotions/bible studies done by United Methodists on dv, particularly those that draw from the Old Testament. You wouldn’t believe how hard that stuff is to find! (and you wouldn’t believe how few pastors even consider it) Anyway, if you have any thoughts you can email me at Blessings! Meredith

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