Current State of the UMC

Kevin Watson over at Deeply Committed gave me a “Friday Shout Out,” perhaps the only time I will ever be mentioned in the same breath as Rob Bell, Brian McClaren, Craig Groeschel, and Andrew Conard! Kevin asked me for my thoughts on the current state of the UMC, and I responded in the comments section. So if you’re curious about that, head on over and check out a few of my ideas in the comments on that post.

After making those comments, I found something interesting by Lovett H. Weems, Jr. He has just released 10 Provocative Questions, which were inspired by the 2007 State of the Church Report. Interestingly, we have a few insights in common. We both cite structural dynamics as a key issue in the state of the UMC, and we both talk about the way our denomination should learn from the dynamic missional congregations we already have.

I’d encourage you to read Dr. Weems questions; they’re worth thinking and talking about.

4 thoughts on “Current State of the UMC

  1. Matt – Thanks for shouting back on Catching Meddlers! Now that is going above and beyond the call of duty… I hope folks do take the time to read your response, because it is insightful.

  2. Matt – Thanks for your comment on Kevin’s shout out. I appreciated your comments. I also appreciate the link to the 10 Provocative Questions from Dr. Weems. I have not yet read them and look forward to engaging with them.

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