Thanksgiving Eve, Nintendogs, and Cars

MaterToday is a good day. I’m at home on Thanksgiving Eve hangin’ out with my kids. We bought a new dog…on my daughter’s Nintendo DS. Nintendogs is definitely the height of entertainment for five year olds (and their dads).

We’re also watching Cars for the 242nd time. That’s my son’s favorite show in the world. Actually, I think every person entering ministry as an itinerant United Methodist clergyperson should have to watch Cars and discuss it – maybe we could add another year to the probationary process for this. Sometimes our folks enter rural communities a lot like Lighting McQueen, when we should enter a lot more like Sally Carrera or Doc Hudson. Thank God for the “Maters” of the world who teach us things our seminary professors couldn’t. Come to think of it, I could probably write a book on pastoral theology using Cars as a metaphor for contextual ministry. If you steal this idea, you owe me royalties!! On the other hand, if you’re a publisher, have your people call my people…

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Eve, Nintendogs, and Cars

  1. Oh, so I agree about great parallels, but I will have to remove you from my blog roll if you ever mention extending the probationary period again…

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