Catching Meddlers: Top Five Posts of 2007

I loved Gavin’s idea about posting our top five posts of 2007. I went through and checked out the hits for my posts, and these are the five with the highest totals (with #1 being the most viewed).  Apparently ordination questions are far more popular than any of us could have ever imagined.  Personally, of these five, I like #2 and #4 best.

  1. Ordination Questions: Traditional Evangelical Doctrines
  2. Our God is More Merciful Than That
  3. Ordination Questions: Kingdom of God, Resurrection, and Eternal Life
  4. Ordination Questions: Nature & Mission of the Church
  5. A Good Man is Hard to Find on Ash Wednesday

2 thoughts on “Catching Meddlers: Top Five Posts of 2007

  1. Matt,

    Have you read William Abraham’s Waking from Doctrinal Amnesia? I’m reading it right now for my UM Theology class with Seamunds in January. It is excellent. It’s the first Abraham book I’ve ever read. I have never read anyone make so much sense of the strange doctrinal nature of the UMC. It’s really good. I’m preaching at Chapel Hill on the December 30th. Keep me in your prayers.


  2. Yes Chris, I think I read it in the same class! haha I like Abraham’s book Canon and Criterion even better. You’ll want to check that out at some point.

    God’s wisdom and blessings as you prepare to preach at a place that is very special to me and my journey!

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