A Whole New Blog!

Not long after we started in my first appointment, my daughter turned three. She loved to go to the church with me to play as I worked…almost as much as she loved watching all of her favorite Disney movies: The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and most of all, Aladdin.

One day, as I was working, she got behind the pulpit. She was too small to see from where I stood, but I called out to her from the back of the sanctuary, “Honey, why don’t you preach a sermon?” I heard an excited squeal, as she laughed, “OK daddy!” She then yelled out her favorite line from Aladdin as she preached as fine a Christian sermon as I’ve ever heard, “A whole new world! Amen!!”

I’ll probably never top that message either in the pulpit or the blogosphere, but with that in mind I want to welcome you to a whole new blog!

I’m looking forward to blogging here, and I look forward to continuing the conversation we began back at Catching Meddlers. May this blog play some small part in helping us participate in a”whole new world” – the new creation of our Triune God!

4 thoughts on “A Whole New Blog!

  1. Matt – I love Matt Judkins.com! Why would you go anywhere else for your information about Matt Judkins? (And you can use that as a quote for any publicity you do for this blog…)

  2. Linkletter was right, kids say the most remarkable things! Once our 3 yr. old daughter wandered off during a church fellowship. I found her standing in front of the Lord’s Supper table, feet spread apart and hands raised called for people to come. I asked her what she was doing and she replied, “Daddy, can’t you see I’m preaching?”

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