Now That’s Speculative Theology!

Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes from the Vatican Observatory has some interesting thoughts on extraterrestrials. Here are the major interesting points from the article.

  1. There could be other creatures in the universe and this doesn’t conflict with our faith.
  2. They may or may not need redemption, because they may or may not be fallen.
  3. They may be evil, but they would have the possibility of God’s mercy

Sounds like someone at the Vatican observatory has been reading C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy! Funes hesitated to speculate on the eternal fate of Vulcans, but seemed to think that Klingons are almost certainly fallen.

In any case, here’s my quasi-serious speculative theological question for the day (Jose, if you’re listening, feel free to chime in). If they need redemption, would it be through Jesus? If not, how do you work this out theologically?

2 thoughts on “Now That’s Speculative Theology!

  1. Fallen? Human petaQ! Put your neck in range of my blade and I’ll show you fallen!

    Actually, I’m remembering that Poul Anderson sometimes addressed this in some stories about alien life forms that belonged to the Roman Catholic Church. Couldn’t remember where for the life of me, though.

  2. Always piling on Klingons! As God is “illogical” I’m not sure the Vulcans are in the “in” group either. However, putting limits, even intergalactic ones, on God’s grace, would be most problematic.

    Live long and prosper! – and may the force be with you!


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