Morning in Madison

This morning I’m sitting at Atlanta Bread Company in Madison, NJ eating a bagel, drinking some coffee, and thinking about my trip thus far.  Even though we were told that everything was just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the school it’s about 12 minutes to this place and it’s the closest place to eat if you choose to skip the snack bar at Drew.  It’s really not a problem, because I need the exercise!

My classes are both going strong.  My first class, Exegesis of Job, meets from 9:30-12:30.  Dr. Kenneth Ngwa is the professor for this course, which has been my favorite of the D.Min. program thus far.  He’s a very sharp and curious professor, and I really value the way he manages the classroom environment.  It’s opened my eyes to some really interesting issues in Job that I’ve never considered before, especially regarding the topic of theodicy.  I appreciate that he uses a “post” historico-critical approach, even though he certainly is familiar with the best in that world of scholarship.

My other class is a methods and research course, which meets from 1:30-4:30 and has been pretty boring so far.  I expected as much, but I enjoy spending this class with the Oklahoma cohort.  After we meet for that, we usually do something to eat and get back to the dorms (yes, they told us townhouses – yes, I guess they are – dorm is still a better description) to read until bedtime.  Just about every night is taken with reading for the following day.  We do have chapel each morning, but I missed yesterday to go work out in the gym.  Today we go for matriculation, where we sign our names to some big historic book of some kind.

So, anyway, that’s about it.  This will be my life for the next two weeks!

3 thoughts on “Morning in Madison

  1. Dude, glad you are thinking theologically even in the summer. May you Okies continue to grow and perhaps enlighten our brothers and sisters back east. Tell Allen et al “hello” for me.

    Blessings for a meaningful several weeks!


  2. Matt,
    So this is blogging. Pretty cool. You do a good job, not getting wierd or angry. Some of the forum posts I’ve encountered in the past often display a penchant for responding too quickly and giving very little thought to what is being said or how those words might affect others.
    I appreciated your words on one of the blogs about speaking carefully when standing in the pulpit. Delana suggested that in her culture there is a strong belief that we create with our words so we must be slow to speak and choose our words carefully.
    Good job. You continue to impress me.

    John W.

  3. Hang in there with research and writing–you’ll appreciate it when you are doing your project and, especially, when you’re writing your dissertation.

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