Does the Pope Text-Message?

No kidding, Benedict XVI is text-messaging the young Catholics gathered in Australia for World Youth Day (h/t Delana!).  Here’s the message (link here),

Young friends, God & his people expect much from u, because u have within u the Father’s supreme gift: the Spirit of Jesus – BXVI

Any of you getting text-messages from your congregations?  Any of you sending text for updates at your Church?  Hey, if the Pope can do it then we can too, right!?

8 thoughts on “Does the Pope Text-Message?

  1. wait. i was tickled by the BXVI that i totally didn’t noticed that BXVI is as lazy as our teens today. he couldn’t type “you” and went for the “u.”

    that’s a lot funnier than BXVI

  2. Text messaging with the kids in the youth group here in Antlers has been very helpful both in communication and in bonding, I believe. We’ve been texting with the kids for a couple of years but are just beginning to exchange some text msgs with the 20s and 30s adults in the church.

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