South Central Jurisdiction’s New Bishops

As of 10:16 PM, we have our final bishop for the South Central Jurisdiction, Rev. Jim Dorff.  He joins Earl Bledsoe and Michael Lowry as the newest bishops in our jurisdiction.  The Committee on Episcopacy will now meet to finalize their assignments.  Thanks to Robin Russell over at the UM Portal for her moment by moment coverage of the elections.

Update – Episcopal Assignments: The three new bishops have now been assigned (South Central Jurisdiction News Report): Earl Bledsoe will be assigned to North Texas, Mike Lowry to Central Texas, and Jim Dorff to the San Antonio Area (Southwest Texas & Rio Grande Conferences).  I do think it is interesting that all three bishops elected are from Texas and all have been assigned to conferences in Texas.

All other bishops will be reassigned to the places they’ve served for the last four years.  That means we will get another four years with Bishop Robert E. Hayes, Jr.,  which is a terrific thing for our conference.

2 thoughts on “South Central Jurisdiction’s New Bishops

  1. Yeah, why did the rest of us have to show up. Did you see that article that Bish Hayes has to/gets to make the final decision on the SMU/Bush library thing? He has 30 days, then his decision will be reviewed by the Judicial Council.

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