Top Posts of 2008

Here are my top five posts of 2008.

  1. Many Hands Make an Elder
  2. New Appointment
  3. Mega-Misconceptions
  4. Clear-Paned Missiology
  5. Life After Death

So, that’s it.  As those of you who read regularly know, I changed appointments in October.  Since then my writing here has slowed, but I plan to pick it up again in 2009 and write at least a couple of more substantial blog posts a week.  All I have coming up on the schedule is a D.Min. project, a new baby in March, and life as a Husband/Dad/Associate Pastor.  Surely I’m wasting time somewhere that I can redeem by writing a few blog posts!

God bless you all and have a terrific New Year!

2 thoughts on “Top Posts of 2008

  1. your #1 is a good choice; we indeed live in a community of souls, where each contributes to the others’ welfare. thx for the list.

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