Distance Between Pulpit and Pew

In case you haven’t caught wind of this yet, you’ll need to see the conversation that is beginning between Shane Raynor at Wesley Blog and Jeremy Smith at Hacking Christianity.   I tend to agree more with Shane on this issue.  

One of the best books I read during seminary was by Helmut Thielicke, A Little Excercise for Young Theologians. In fact, this short book should probably be required reading for incoming pastors, as it touches on this very issue in some pretty insightful ways.

2 thoughts on “Distance Between Pulpit and Pew

  1. Hey, I did say the conversation was just beginning, and I’m glad that’s the case. I think it’s an important discussion.

    After reading your response, I definitely appreciate you stepping back a bit from the certainty that Shane pointed out.

    More than anything I suppose in my comment about agreeing with Shane, I was reading your first post as a form of this question, “Why aren’t pastors brave enough to tell the congregations that the historical-critical interpretation of scripture is right and most of the New Testament was probably not written by who they think it was?” To me, that seemed a bit too much certainty regarding a particular stream of scholarship and its conclusions. I guess I read that as a kind of liberal fundamentalism.

    Anyway, even though I’ll probably stay in the peanut gallery ;-), I look forward to watching the conversation continue. Thanks for stopping by.

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