Methodist? Move to Oklahoma & Live Longer

Reports on the UMC aren’t usually an encouraging thing, unless you live here in Oklahoma.  Check out this report (h/t John Meunier).  All kidding aside, are we really this much younger than the rest  Methodism in the US?  If so, wow…

3 thoughts on “Methodist? Move to Oklahoma & Live Longer

  1. I went from the youngest Elder in New England (three years running) to definitely not the youngest here. Local church pastors are also much younger in OK than in NE.

    I hope we aren’t creating a “Children of Men” post-apocalypse Methodism.

  2. When I wrote for a paper and we would get press releases that sounded like this, we called them “MEGO-chart ready.” That meant that they had a raft of stats that should be in a chart, because any story or speech that used them like this prompted the response “My Eyes Glaze Over.”

    Absolutely no exploration of what may be happening in those green areas that causes differences of anywhere from 12 to 40 percent of the majority of the other conferences, and zero attention paid in either case to all those Methodists who don’t live in the US.

    Interesting info; mediocre, shallow & under-reported story.

    PS — Heard things went well for you Sunday in The Big Room. Yay!

  3. Yeah, there’s really not much of a story with this chart – I’d love to know what accounts for the differences, especially within Oklahoma.

    Sunday was a good day, thanks Brett.

    UMJeremy – what do you make of that?

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