15,000 Visitors

Whoever reads this post first will be the 15,000th visitor to this blog.  I’ve been using Twitter a lot more than blogging lately, because it really fits my schedule better right now.  However, I think it also probably forces me to do less in-depth thinking.  So, I’ve been thinking about doing a little more posting here at the blog.

Lately, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about leadership (The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni and How the Mighty Fall by Jim Collins were my most recent reads in that area), challenges within the UMC (see the book by Collins), and some of the core commitments of my life (for instance, as I’ve studied and taught through the book of Acts, I’ve been thinking more about the way Paul and the earliest followers of Christ called both insiders and outsiders to repent and respond to God in Christ).

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