Gen-X Rising on Mark Driscoll

Read this article on Mark Driscoll by Andrew Thompson over at Gen-X Rising.  I agree with Andrew’s assessment of the implications of Mark Driscoll (and other young Calvinist preachers like Matt Chandler) for those of us who are Methodists.

If you are a Methodist, all this has some implications. First, stop worrying about the mind numbingly mundane “church programming” approach to to Christian discipleship and start getting serious about salvation. Read the Bible (everyday) and pick up a collection of Wesley’s sermons… Realize that the culture has infected the church to a degree that we need an exorcism. But realize, also, that Driscoll’s Calvinism isn’t the answer…

It’s high time that Wesleyans got serious about the gospel God raised us up to preach. We’ve been playing at dolls far too long.

Amen Andrew, Amen.

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