Proof that I Was at General Conference

On the way back into General Conference after lunch one day, a lady approached me and asked, “Would you like to receive a blessing?” I was a little taken aback, but I said, “Sure!” She reached up and made the sign of a cross on my head and spoke a short word of blessing. I walked on in the Conference Center.

Strangely enough, I got a message from my buddy Robert today saying, “Check out this picture; I think it’s you!” Sure enough, that’s me getting anointed at General Conference.

GC Anointing

After getting back from GC, I’ve been doing some thinking about what I saw and experienced there. Fortunately, I was too busy today catching fish with my kids to write any long-winded posts.

General Conference ’08

I’ve made plans, and I’m going down early Thursday morning to visit General Conference. I’m staying one night and leaving on Friday, so I’m not expecting to get much more than a taste of all that will happen there.

However, once I return, I’m planning to share my thoughts on General Conference, United Methodism, etc. on Sunday morning during my sermon. This isn’t something I do regularly, but I feel like the laity often only hear from the people with enough money to send out brochures and newsletters. So I’d like to examine what a wide range of people are saying and offer my prayerful thoughts on all that is taking place.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading up on some of the important issues facing our denomination. This reading makes me wonder something. If you were asked, “What are the four most important issues facing our denomination,” what would you say?