General Conference

General ConferenceGeneral Conference 2008 begins April 23rd in Fort Worth, TX. I’m thinking about going for a couple of days, but I’m not sure when would be best. Are you going? If so, when? Why did you pick those dates? Thanks for sharing!


3 thoughts on “General Conference

  1. In 2004, I observed the first 2 days. It was interesting to see the organization of a committee, hear bits of orientation material(especially about cultural diversity), the episcopal address (which I got to hear from the Conference floor because of our delegation’s willingness to sub in every alternate at least a little), and opening worship (which I think will be even cooler this time around). So, keeping in mind that I didn’t get to observe the whole thing, I’d probably still go at or near the beginning.

    Whenever you’re there, let’s try to say hello in person.

  2. I am going to be at General Conference for the first few days – from opening worship to our flight leaving on Saturday late morning. This is part of a group from Resurrection that will be going together – the dates were chosen for me, which was fine.

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