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In Defense of the Megachurch

Lately, I’ve heard and read several conversations wondering about the megachurch.  Some question its authenticity,  others question its methodology, while some just question whether big is good.   As these questions bounce around in my head, I’m serving on staff at the largest United Methodist congregation in Oklahoma City.  Needless to say, I’ve got a … Continue reading


Over the years I have often heard about the virtues of small churches.  On top of that, over the years I’ve experienced the virtues of small churches!  I am deeply indebted in my faith to the small churches I’ve attended and helped lead as a pastor.  Often, with appreciation for smaller congregations, megachurches get a … Continue reading

Megachurch Musings

Since I’ll soon be beginning an appointment at a much larger congregation, I have found myself reading more about the unique opportunities and challenges within megachurches.  Scott Thumma & Warren Bird have released a new study which you can find here (h/t Todd Rhodes @ MondayMorningInsight). Todd summarizes several changes that have taken place over … Continue reading