Megachurch Musings

Since I’ll soon be beginning an appointment at a much larger congregation, I have found myself reading more about the unique opportunities and challenges within megachurches.  Scott Thumma & Warren Bird have released a new study which you can find here (h/t Todd Rhodes @ MondayMorningInsight).

Todd summarizes several changes that have taken place over the last three years including:

  • Growth without adding seats
  • More satellite campuses and off-site worship
  • More intentional training for ministers and ministerial candidates
  • Growing emphasis on small groups
  • More interest in social justice and outreach

He also shares a few things that have remained roughly the same:

  • Contemporary worship styles
  • Strong outreach and programming
  • Continued growth
  • Continued strong finances

I’m curious what will change in the next three years in these influential congregations.  Primarily, I can foresee the current financial situation in our country may start to have an impact on these congregations.

3 thoughts on “Megachurch Musings

  1. Great question. I have little to offer in the way of an answer.

    The whole megachurch phenomenon interests me because I don’t think I personally would ever be comfortable at one. They can and do do much work of the Lord, but this is not my cup of tea.

    It seems like there is an aspect of megachurches that gears them to become little denominations of their own – spinning off new plants and training ministers to spread their style of worship, theology, and polity.

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