Board of Ministry and the Connection

I am very happy that I passed the second round of Board interviews. In our conference, we break the ordination process into three modules, and we meet once a year for a retreat at one of the United Methodist camps for interviews. I passed Module B this year, and I only have one more round to go before full ordination as an elder.

Most of us wouldn’t necessarily say we love the process. Most of us really love griping and complaining about the process. However, I truly enjoy the time I spend at these interviews for one main reason: the connection with other pastors. As United Methodists we are blessed (and this blessing brings its fair share of curses as well) to be so visibly connected with one another. As a result of these meetings, I know far more people in the conference than I would otherwise. I know women and men who are going through the same things I am. It is a great privilege to be around others who are plodding along through the long haul of ordination either as a deacon or an elder.

The connections we form at these retreats are invaluable. I can’t imagine ministry without my colleagues and friends in ministry. The connection is the Church.

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