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Busy as a United Methodist Pastor!

Two charge conferences coming up, my first D.Min. paper is coming due, serving as an assistant spiritual director on a Walk to Emmaus retreat this weekend, kids turning 2 and 5 right around the corner, and I’m a little bit tired. Life is very good in spite of the hectic pace. Thank goodness I’m finished … Continue reading

Morgenthaler on Worship Evangelism

Sally Morgenthaler, who has a terrific article on leadership in a “flattened” world in An Emergent Manifesto of Hope, has been a pioneer in the world of worship. Her book Worship Evangelism set the tone for a large cultural shift within evangelicalism back in the late nineties. Lately, she’s been rethinking some of the ideas … Continue reading

Franchising United Methodist Churches?

I don’t know how comfortable I am with the franchising language used here, but I do wonder if this might be a real possibility for United Methodist congregations? Can you imagine this happening in your conference? Would people attend and grow as disciples at “Windsor Village UMC, Oklahoma City?” What about “Church of the Resurrection, … Continue reading

Weird Name…I Know.

Gavin Richardson over at The Methoblog asks, “How did your blog get its name?” (h/t John the Methodist) This question spurred me to update my “About” space, so I thought I’d also post that information here with a few minor additions. Catching Meddlers comes from an obscure old saying I first remember hearing from my … Continue reading

Good Thoughts on Blogging as a Tool for Ministry

Cory Miller, director of communications at Quail Springs Baptist Church (a congregation my wife and I visited way back when we were newlyweds in ’99), and blogger over at Church Communications Pro, provides a great apologetic for blogging here: Blogging is Not a Four-Letter Word. Check it out! 🙂

Ordination Questions: The Sacraments

As I get into some of these questions, I won’t be posting everything. Some of the questions don’t require much more than our assent to certain things. These are important questions, but they’re not all that interesting to read. 7.) What is the meaning and significance of the Sacraments? As United Methodists, we recognize Baptism … Continue reading

Ordination Questions: Traditional Evangelical doctrines

5.) How do you understand the following traditional evangelical doctrines: (a) repentance; (b) justification; (c) regeneration; and (d) sanctification? What are the marks of the Christian life?              Repentance has its conceptual roots in the Hebrew language.  The original word, bwv – transliterated as shuwb – simply means to turn around.  Thus, in terms of … Continue reading