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The Value of Tradition

I was fortunate to get a Kindle back in February for my birthday, and I have really loved it. One of the unexpected surprises with this new gadget has been the opportunity to read some of the great classics that I’ve never read. The big one I’m working through right now is Moby Dick, which … Continue reading

The Bodily Resurrection

As an associate pastor, my ministry is far more specialized than it was when I was a solo pastor in rural churches.  As a result, I spend the majority of my time teaching in assorted settings.  One of the things I love about this role is the way I get to respond to people’s questions … Continue reading

Why Pray?

For the last two weeks, I have been teaching one of our young adult classes at Servant.  We worked on tough questions that they submitted by email prior to the class.  One of the questions I didn’t get to answer, I promised to answer here on the blog.  The question is this: How does someone … Continue reading

What are United Methodists Known For?

Craig Groeschel wrote this in a recent short blog post: I’m thankful for the: Social conscious of the United Methodists. Emphasis on being born again from the Baptists. Focus on holiness from the Nazarenes. Power of the Holy Spirit in the Charismatics. Evangelistic hearts of the seeker sensitive leaders. Message of grace from the Lutherans. … Continue reading

Finding the Jesus You Thought You Had Lost

This is one of the transcripts from the teaching videos I’m doing each Sunday.  This one is based on Luke 2:41-52 and owes a lot to N.T. Wright’s interpretation in his “Luke for Everyone” commentary. Growing up, I lived on a small country back-road. If you ever drove down it, you might even think it … Continue reading

Science and Theology

Last night, our church hosted a discussion on Science and Theology as the final installment of our Living Faithfully series.  As I listened to the talk, I thought it might be interesting to provide some of the resources that have shaped my own thinking in this area.  To make a long story short, I entered … Continue reading

Biblical Translations

If you have ever wondered about the many translations floating around out there, check out Brian D. Russell’s recent article on his blog: Moving through the Maze.  It is very clear, and I will probably look back to it as a reference in the future.