Science and Theology

Last night, our church hosted a discussion on Science and Theology as the final installment of our Living Faithfully series.  As I listened to the talk, I thought it might be interesting to provide some of the resources that have shaped my own thinking in this area.  To make a long story short, I entered the ministry after six years studying Biology and Molecular Biology, so it has been an important thing in my faith to integrate these two fields that are sometimes seen as polar opposites.

Here are a few books and a resource that have been helpful to me:

There are many more, and some that are much more specific and in depth.  If there’s a field you’re curious about specifically, either leave a comment or contact me and I can give you more detail.

5 thoughts on “Science and Theology

  1. Hi Matt,
    I am a science and theology teacher at a Christian high school and and I have been given the privilege of teaching a senior theology course for students who will be pursuing careers in the sciences, to prepare them for what they will face when they enter secular colleges and universities. I recently started a blog aimed at providing resources for other Christian teachers and leaders who want to equip their students in issues dealing with science and theology.

    If I may include some links to recent posts that you may find helpful in this topic:
    The Caricaturization of Christians in Science

    The Conflict Thesis between Science and Christianity

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