The Divine Hours

One of the real struggles I have in ministry is trying to maintain personal spiritual discipline. I enjoy reading and studying, which can certainly be spiritually formative. However, my prayer life is often dismal at best. A tool I’ve found that inspires and calls me to prayer is The Divine Hours by Phyllis Tickle. You will see that I’ve added a link to a website that has the fixed order prayers for the day. You simply enter your time zone and the appropriate prayer is listed. I’m committed to following this through Advent in hopes of developing a foothold on this discipline in my spiritual life.

2 thoughts on “The Divine Hours

  1. i use the prayerbooks with pretty good regularity. if i am caught away from the actual books a site i have used is sacred space ( a site run by irish jesuits, i love their flow and it is a welcome change to the anglican/episcopalian hours that phyllis uses.

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