Epiphany and Membership Vows

The MagiThe Magi came from the East (presumably) and unwittingly embodied the membership vows of the United Methodist Church. They traversed a great distance simply to be in the presence of a new king foretold by creation itself. Once finding this anointed one, they fell on their knees and worshipped him in a form of kinesthetic prayer. Of course, we all remember their gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Yet how many of us think of their allegiance and service to this new king? Instead of serving the so-called “king” Herod by serving as his informants, they listened to the message and call of God to protect the Christ-child by returning unannounced to the place from which they came. It’s enough to make one wonder about the decisions they made once they returned home. Did they continue to live out this four-fold pattern of allegiance to the new King? Did they try to share their experience with others and become proto-evangelists? Our lives fill in the answer to these questions. Our life with Jesus isn’t over just because we answer yes to these vows. We’re called to continue to live in this four-fold pattern of discipleship. We’re called to extend this offer to others. Let’s finish the story of the Magi in each one of our lives – that will be our Epiphany gift to the Christ-child.

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