Happy Feast of Berhtwald!

I pray that you have a blessed day as you celebrate the oft-forgotten “Feast of Berhtwald!” What?! You haven’t heard of Berhtwald? Well then, let me pull out my handy Oxford Dictionary of Saints and fill you in. Berhtwald was a monk and the archbishop of Canterbury in the late 7th and early 8th century. The Venerable Bede, in one of his not so venerable moments, described him as, “learned in Scripture and ecclesiastical and monastic sciences, although far inferior to his predecessor (p. 43).” Take that Berhtwald.

I suggest we celebrate him as the Patron Saint of those Inferior to their Predecessors.  I figure as itinerant United Methodist clergy, we will all need intercession (I know, I know, we’re not Catholic…make that inspiration), from someone like that.  After all, even though he was far inferior to Theodore of Canterbury, he’s still a saint!

2 thoughts on “Happy Feast of Berhtwald!

  1. I think he would make a good patron saint for all us iteneriant Methodist ministers. I didn’t know we had one.
    Now i will be celebrating this day.

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