Fun with Tents & Kids

We’ve been inside quite a bit lately because of the ice-storm and the frigid weather. As a result the kids and their parents have been somewhat stir-crazy! So, the other day I made the kids an indoor tent out of chairs, afghans, and blankets. They absolutely loved going in and out of the “cave.” We had a lot of fun, and now I’m the official cave-builder for our household.


2 thoughts on “Fun with Tents & Kids

  1. I have many fond memories of doing the same thing. My bed was in the center of my room, so I could turn the whole room into a tent. Thanks for igniting an old memory that brings joy. Also, I enjoyed your meditation on Jeremiah–I’ll be preaching on that text this Sunday–in Morris by the way. Glad to see you’re on the blogosphere too. (Although I don’t know who you are!)

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