John Ortberg on the Ten Deadly Sins of Preaching

Here are some quality reflections on the ten deadly sins of a preacher posted by Skye Jethani (HT: Baby Priest). This list is from John Ortberg’s talk at the National Pastor’s Convention. To me, it is always reassuring when I hear other preachers wrestling with some of the same temptations that I do. Here’s the basic list if you are too tired to click the link. 😉

  1. The temptation to be inauthentic
  2. The temptation to live for recognition
  3. The temptation to live in fear
  4. The temptation to compare
  5. The temptation to exaggerate
  6. The temptation to feel chronically inadequate
  7. The temptation of pride
  8. The temptation to manipulate
  9. The temptation of envy
  10. The temptation of anger

Anyone out there struggle with one or two (or ten) of these?

2 thoughts on “John Ortberg on the Ten Deadly Sins of Preaching

  1. Much like the original seven deadly sins, I think I’ve been guilty of all of them sometime in the last 24 hours.

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