A 17 Month Old Looks at the World

Ever wonder what the world looks like to an 17 month old boy? Wonder no more! For Christmas, my daughter got a digital camera. A few weeks back, little brother got his hands on it and took a few “pictures.”

Caleb and Emma 2007 005


Caleb and Emma 2007 001

This sort of makes me think of our theology. We get a glimpse of God, but it’s sort of like a picture taken by a 17 mo. old. The view is a little off-kilter, the lighting is weird, and the tools we use are not the best quality. But it’s still interesting!

3 thoughts on “A 17 Month Old Looks at the World

  1. Maybe that give us a perspective on what God thinks of our theological musings. Perhaps God cherishes our lopsided attempts at knowing as much as I cherish my son’s goofy pictures?

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