Clergy Appointments: aka Fruit Basket Turnover

Some folks out there will remember the old game Fruit Basket Turnover. Chairs are set up in a circle, the player in the middle calls out a fruit and those players assigned that fruit jump up and try to get a free seat. At any point, the middle person can call out “fruit basket turnover!” and all players have to find a vacant seat. In some ways that game resembles the appointment process as clergy wave mercifully at every U-Haul they pass in the week following annual conference thinking, “That could be one of us.”

Along with this process, there is the cherished hobby of many clergy – appointment speculation! With that in mind, I really like what the Kansas East Annual Conference has done announcing the appointments as they are made official on their website (h/t Amy Forbus on the MethoBlog). It seems like this satisfies the “curiosity” of folks and makes the process even more transparent, which I believe is a great thing. Nice idea Kansas East!

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