Adam Hamilton’s Financial Transparency

While I don’t know the circumstances surrounding this email (posted on the Church of the Resurrection web-site), I very much appreciate Adam Hamilton’s financial transparency. You might find it interesting and encouraging as well.

I continue to appreciate how Church of the Resurrection continues to be distinctly United Methodist as they reach out to “non and nominally religious people.” Get that? I’m not even a member of their Church, and I can tell you part of their mission and vision. How’s that for a mission statement?!

While I’m talking about COR, take a minute to visit Andrew Conard’s blog to read the thoughts of one of their pastors. He’s got some interesting thoughts on a variety of topics.

3 thoughts on “Adam Hamilton’s Financial Transparency

  1. as a mega church there are many things one can pick at, hamilton included. i find him and their congregation to be pretty darn cool from my limited experience there (including andrew’s blog, which i enjoy)

  2. Matt – The email is partially in response to an article in the Kansas City Star about a nearby congregation. I have posted a fuller response to the circumstances surrounding the email at my blog. Thanks for raising this situation.

    Thanks for the good word too 🙂

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