I Am Keith McIlwain…

You scored as Keith McIlwain. You are Keith McIlwain! You abhor all violence, except the savagery of the gridiron.

Keith McIlwain
Abi Carlisle-Wilke
Lorna Koskela
Gavin Richardson
Theresa Coleman
John the Methodist
Jonathon Norman
Allan Bevere
Art Ruch

Which Methoblogger Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com

So I don’t do quizzes all that much, but this one caught my eye. Turns out I’m a tie between Keith and Abi. I’ve read Abi’s blog for some time, but haven’t read Keith’s regularly for whatever reason. However, since I am Keith, I thought I should drop by and add him to my Google Reader. Great stuff over there if I do say so myself (of course, the rest of the MethoBloggers on here fun and interesting to read as well). Maybe I should buy a tie-dyed shirt…

4 thoughts on “I Am Keith McIlwain…

  1. No need to buy the shirt. You are 8% me, after all, and I don’t think I have ever once in my lfe worn a tie-died shirt 🙂

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