New Computer

HP PavillionTurned on my computer and it couldn’t find the hard drive – turns out it was toast. So, I was off to buy a new one. Even though I’m planning to get an Apple someday, now just wasn’t the right time. I needed something to replace my old laptop quickly. So that’s the new one – an HP Pavillion with a Core 2 Duo processor. I had two really good posts written on BlogDesk about a book I’m reading, What God Wants for Your Life by Frederick Schmidt, and was going to upload them when the other computer went kaput. I assure you they will not be rewritten! 🙂

Anyway, the great news (and blessing) about all of this is a man from one of my churches just bought me a 500 gig external hard drive about two weeks ago, and told me to save everything on it. So, I only lost about two weeks worth of stuff because of his gracious advice and gift! God is good indeed.

One thought on “New Computer

  1. not a mac, but nice.. that external is an excellent gift to the geek.. and to the not so geek, just the geek can appreciate it more (and use more efficiently)

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