Lessons from Megachurches

I received an email from a parishioner asking me about The Progressive Christian magazine.  I had received some announcements about it in several mailings, so I thought I’d check out some of the articles.  One in particular caught my attention.

Usually, one doesn’t think of progressive Christians being the biggest supporters of megachurches, so I was surprised to see an article by Dr. Scott Thumma, Learning from the Megachurches: An Emphasis on Vitality, Not SizeHe shares a lot of good thoughts.  You’ll want to read the whole article, but here are the bullet points he makes:

  • Don’t strive for size; strive to serve God.
  • Know your audience and speak their language.
  • Make it appealing and welcoming, then make it serious and challenging.
  • Church is more than just a “Sunday thing.”
  • Create participants rather than members.
  • Get new attendees involved.
  • Connect the congregation.
  • Growth in the faith isn’t just for new Christians; it’s for the saints too.
  • Empower people to identify and live out their calling.
  • Whatever you do – do it with quality.

I think these are all worthy of a few moments of reflection wherever it is that you serve.  Rural, urban, suburban, and small towns could all learn something from these points.

2 thoughts on “Lessons from Megachurches

  1. so is that supposed to be landmarks of only megachurches? seems pretty universal to me. i think the things that make megachurches so big are much more subtle than this. though this is a good core to start with.

  2. Well Gavin, I guess that’s what he’s trying to do, the old modern distillation of universal principles from “successful” models of ministry. Thanks for a good point.

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