Eucharist in the Midst of Conflict

Carrier CommunionOn Tuesday in Corpus Christi, my family and I were able to tour the USS Lexington, a aircraft carrier now docked in the bay there. More than anything, I wanted to see the chapel. I wanted to see where Eucharist was prepared and received in the very heart of this enormous ship. So, here are a few pictures of what I found there.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of those ministers who are living out their call in the heat of battle. Chaplains must have an extremely difficult job, and I often wonder how they survive spiritually.

They have to be faced with the most difficult questions of the faith in a very immediate way. Questions of suffering become more urgent as you are surrounded by it. Questions of violence and non-violence have to be on the forefront of nearly every chaplain’s mind as they are surrounded with conflict and people desperately trying to live out their faith in an unimaginably difficult situation.

Carrier Communion

Say a prayer for our chaplains, and ask God to grant them wisdom and courage.

One thought on “Eucharist in the Midst of Conflict

  1. I went to the Conference Building here in Florida recently. There is a display of military communion kits. I wondered what those kits have seen….

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