My Class with the Surgeon General

This is such a small world. Today, I read that Dr. Jim Holsinger, a United Methodist physician from Kentucky and former chairperson of Asbury Theologial Seminary’s board of trustees, has been nominated to be the next Surgeon General!

Dr. Holsinger often took biblical studies classes at the seminary, and I had the opportunity to take Minor Prophets as a January term intensive course with him. I don’t know anything about his politics, but I know this. He is, in my estimation, an incredibly gracious, intelligent, genuine, and humble Christian. You would have never known the kind of influence this man had from meeting him for the first time. He introduced himself as “Jim,” and carried himself as a fellow student. I loved getting to know him during the shared pain of this inductive bible study class, and I pray that he rises yet again to the challenge of this appointment.

One thought on “My Class with the Surgeon General

  1. I met him once when he came down to the Florida Campus for a trustees’ meeting. He seemed like a genial and graceful man.

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