21.98 Seconds

PrayerThat’s how long the Lord’s Prayer takes to say if you pray it at a moderate pace. I’ve timed it. This Sunday, I’m beginning a sermon series on prayer, and I think this is a very significant fact.

When asked by his disciples, this is the prayer Jesus gave as a model. Of course, there are places like Luke 6:12 where we see Jesus spending the night in prayer, so I’m not discounting the need for extended prayer. I’m just saying that this is the model prayer Jesus offered when asked how to pray. Just before teaching the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew, in verse 6:7 he even tells the disciples not to, “heap up empty phrases.”

So, do you have time to pray? Do you have 21.98 seconds? I know I do.

2 thoughts on “21.98 Seconds

  1. I suppose if you say “debts/debtors” like my Presbyterian in-laws instead of “trespasses/tresppased against us” you could shave half a second or two off that time.

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