Is Technology Exclusive?

My last post led me to ask this question within the comments discussion. What do you think?

Are ministries that emphasize or take advantage of technological advances exclusive (i.e. They might not include those unable to afford or understand the technologies.) or inclusive (i.e. Are we simply ministering relevantly and including those on the ‘cutting edge’ technologically?)?

Is there a more nuanced way to look at this?

One thought on “Is Technology Exclusive?

  1. I would offer that Technology is exclusive to those who understand the presentation format, and exclusive to those with the skills to present in that format.
    However, it is also true, that the lack of technology is exclusive, as it excludes those who are unable to receive in those formats.
    Both exclusions seem, in my experience, to be wired forms of prejudice, in that the determination of ability to hear/read/sense the presentation format is based on the format, rather than actual ability to receive.

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