Running the Gauntlet

Running the GauntletIt has been a crazy month, and I feel like I’ve made it through the gauntlet. Over the last month I’ve done two weddings, been on a week-long mission to Mexico, prepared a talk for the Walk to Emmaus, and led worship for our District Youth Camp.

No big deal for some of you old veterans out there, but I’m exhausted! Luckily, I have good friends and an amazing family to help me get through. I also have an understanding PPRC who has made sure I’m taking some “comp time” this week.

I need some books to read, but won’t be by the library anytime soon, since the good library is 40 minutes from our town. I also have placed a bit of a moratorium on Amazon until I find out what I’m going to have to purchase for my D.Min. program in the fall. In the meantime, I guess I’ll be reading Christian Century and Scientific American, two of the magazines I subscribe to. Someday, I’m going to subscribe to Zygon & Pro Ecclesia, but not yet. They just don’t fit in the budget right now!

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