Fantasy Football Anyone?

I’m looking for about 5 more folks to round out my ESPN Fantasy Football league. Specifically I’m looking for people who have experience with online live drafting and sticking a season out even if it goes south. So, if there are any of you out there in the Methoblogosphere who would like to play fantasy football, shoot me an email through the contact button above or list your email in the comment area. I’ll send you an invitation to the league. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Anyone?

  1. I’m teetering. I’d love to play, but when I took a hiatus last year because I was watching way too much NFL, I got a lot more done. Maybe I’ll just regulate myself to the recap show. I’ve only done drafts on Yahoo. I think they were live one year. May not have the experience you’re looking for.

  2. Just sent you an invitation. Feel free to play while limiting yourself to Monday morning Sportscenter and Monday Night Football. haha

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