Hours of Prayer

Do the hours of prayer confuse you? Would you know Lauds if it jumped up and bit you? Can you tell the difference between Terce and Sext? If you’re confused, then today is your lucky day. I’ve always had a hard time remembering these, but I found a really handy little chart in Scot McKnight’s terrific book Praying With the Church. Here is the summary below:

  • Vigil (Office of Readings) – Midnight
  • Lauds (Morning Prayer) – 6AM -11AM
  • Prime (No longer generally used – 6AM – 7AM)
  • Terce (Midmorning Prayer) -9AM
  • Sext (Midday Prayer) – Noon
  • None (Midafternoon Prayer) – 3PM
  • Vespers (Evening Prayer) – 3PM – 6PM
  • Compline (Night Praye) – Before bed

So, there you go. I hope this helps!

2 thoughts on “Hours of Prayer

  1. Haha, in this book I’m reading by Earl Creps, he suggests that holding 9AM services for young folks is like holding midnight services for senior adults!

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