2 thoughts on “Transformed Lives

  1. I saw this on Witherington’s blog. Dongell did a great job. There’s some good preaching in these lectures.

  2. Wow – indeed! In my simple-minded and inadequate way I have tried to preach and attempted to live just what Dongell (and BW3 in his apologetic response comment) speak of so eloquently.

    Some things I never consider printing and sharing with my wife Brenda; some things I ponder and pray about before deciding to share or not; some things I know at first glance I must share with Brenda. The things I share are those which either speak what I believe better than I can express it, or which I consider likely to be formative to me intellectually or socially or spiritually. Books such as “Blue Like Jazz” or “Simply Christian” need to be read by each of us – and so do these two lectures.

    Even though I am unlikely to ever set foot on the campus (either campus), A.T.S. has become a strong influence in my life, and a guiding force as I build a pastoral library. I thank you for that, Matt; and for representing Asbury so very well.

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