Churches of the Mega Variety

Here is a map from the New York Times showing the concentration of mega-churches in the United States (h/t Allan R. Bevere). Interesting, eh?

I see we have several in OKC, a few in Tulsa, one in Lawton, and one down on the Texas border in southern Oklahoma. Anyone out there know where that is? It looks like it’s around Durant, but I’m not sure.

4 thoughts on “Churches of the Mega Variety

  1. Duane is yet another former Methodist

    Victory Life has branches around southern Oklahoma, beyond Durant. They sent preachers to a church in Antlers (across the street from the United Methodist parsonage) for a few months but no fire was kindled and I have heard that the church will be closed and the property sold to the public school system, which already owns the land on all other sides of the parsonage.

    It will be sad to see that church closed and sold. It was built as a Disciples of Christ church but an influx of charismatic members led to the majority taking the local church out of the DoC denomination some years ago.

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