My Future Assistant

The other day, we were in the mall shopping and saw a little boy in a wheelchair. My five year old Emma pointed at him and asked me what was wrong. I told her I didn’t know and that it was rude to point. She asked why. I said, “Would you like to be in a wheelchair and have little girls pointing at you and whispering?” With no hesitation she said, “Yes!” She has no problem being the center of attention and couldn’t imagine that anyone else would.

So it is without concern for her privacy (and with permission – yes even from a 5 year old) that I share this conversation we had today on the way to the doctor. She has been home from school for two days, and it turns out she has a throat infection. We’ll give her a round of antibiotics, and she’ll be fine. On the way to the doctor, we had a really fun conversation.

  • Me: “What are you going to do when you grow up?”
  • EJ: “I’m going to work with you and Mommy.”
  • M: “That’s great. You know, you could probably work as my assistant. Or, you could be my youth minister.”
  • E: “I think I’ll just do children’s church (Our kids come down for a very brief object lesson or story).”
  • M: “That’d be great, you could do them all for me. What would your first one be on.”
  • E: “I’d bring a bunch of seashells…no…maybe a crab shell.”
  • M: “Great! What would the lesson be?”
  • E: “I’d teach the kids about health.”
  • M:”Oh, OK. What would you teach them?”
  • E: “Dad…just wait until I’m grown up and you’ll hear it then!”
  • M:*laughter*

I am waiting on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait to find out the connection between a crab shell and health in her first Children’s message. I’m sure it will be a fascinating connection. 🙂

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