Vader Speaks

Only one of you will get this. I just bought two new books the other day: The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Tim Keller, and The Living God and Our Living Psyche: What Christians Can Learn from Carl Jung by Ann Beldford Ulanov and Alvin Dueck. After a trip to the Cherokee while at our Bishop’s Retreat (which is not a retreat by the way, more like a conference) and some incredibly strange and wide-ranging conversations, which included a classic line from Darth Vader, I opened Keller’s book to find this quote on the first page,

I find your lack of faith…disturbing.

Ha! I love those weird coincidences. If I hadn’t had the conversation, it wouldn’t have meant anything. If I hadn’t bought that book, I’d have never thought of it again! Anyway, some Monday morning strangeness for you.

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