Where are the Top UMC Church Websites?

I came across a post over at churchrelevance on the top 90 church websites.  A quick search shows only one United Methodist Church on this list: Church of the Resurrection.  Hey, maybe we can claim our Free Methodist cousins at NorthGate Free Methodist Church!  Maybe there are some on there without Methodist in the title that I missed.  But even if we have one or two others listed, I still would like to have more!

Of course I don’t know what kind of criteria they used, but I still wish we had a little better representation.  Maybe in our push to reach younger people as a denomination, we leaders can look through a few of these sites and see what the good folks at churchrelevance see as a top website.  I noticed that many of the sites have an Apple-ish feel, none of these are cookie-cutter sites, most are fairly simple, and most assume that people who have never attended their congregation will be looking for information about visiting for the first time.

I hope they’ve just overlooked some of our best examples as a denomination.  Anyone out there want to point us to some great United Methodist Church websites that churchrelevance missed?

Update: Thanks to Kent over at churchrelevance for pointing out Granger.  Told you I’d miss one!

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